Thursday, September 18, 2008

Did you miss me??

So...did you miss me??'s good to be able to check e-mail & blog again!! The poor sattelite installation guy had to work for two solid days to get this up and running! Minus 6 trees in our yard & plus one ugly dish on our cozy little cabin roof & da daaa.......INTERNET!!

Well...hear they are @ 10 months!!

Dear little Adelaide Anne just couldn't get through her dinner this time...Our friend Claire visited & plum wore her out !!

Sarah on the other hand was still full of beans & ready to take on the world!!


Oh...How I LOVE being back on line! Finally I can get back to posting a few pictures of the house puppies (Adelaise & Sarah) & maybe even a few of the kennel dogs too!!

I've been working all summer for Parks Canada & having a blast! I LOVE my job but, now it's time to be a Stay-At-Home-Mum again :) It's an even better job!! Since I've been home for the past 3 weeks, I've not gone for many drives nor have I been out hiking in the last few weeks either so, no great bear stories to tell but soon I'll get a chance to post a few of my summer pics from my Kluane Adventures! They should be worth waiting for (I hope)!

In the meantime...

Aunt Maureen is hanging out with the FitzGerald girls while Daddy is away ...and life is busy! Daddy might be doing the annual "shop" for moose meat but we gals are holding down the fort & doing a rather fine job I might add! That sister of his is rather impressive...Maureen is slugging it out in the dog yard, hauling food & water to the 38 sled dogs & then helping me out with the cooking, cleaning, & in the mix...she's made time for baking cookies & playing with Adelaide & Sarah...I'm thinking that Maureen should spend ALL of her down time at the "Fastdogs Kennel"...

Another day has passed with no word from Sean & his hunting partner so our hope is that the fellas are not only having a fun camp-out but also a successful one! You see, these two perfectly Northern baby girls have decided that they LOVE moose meat & the freezer is nearly EMPTY!


Sean & Mike just got home...& brought with them one young bull moose...I've never seen a rack so small! Are they legal when they are the size of my hand?? Guess this'll be a tender one...

Thank goodness Maureen & I scoured out the freezer! I honestly thought the thing shoud be given a one way ticket to the local dump...but a bit of hot water, a string mop, some elbow grease & a dab of's lookin' mighty fine :)

It's GREAT to have my husband home again :)

Oh by the way...
TWINS RULE (their parents, the house, the furniture...)


Lenny's mom said...

Hey, glad you're back online - missed hearing from y9ou & pics of the babies - they are getting so big!!

Mom really enjoyed her chat w/you & Maureen the other night.

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Yep, we missed the blog too!

Heather (aka Mum) said...'s cool to know someone is reading!! :):):)

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

How could we not read! Our boy needs to keep his eye on these two cute girls of yours.