Monday, September 29, 2008

When the Hunter's away...Aunt Maureen will play...

...or was that WORK ??

And So it begins ... Breakfast for 38
Menu: baited water

The Chef: Aunt Maureen
The Server: Aunt Maureen
The Poop Scoopers: In the house sleeping ;-)

Food prep
The happy Chef

Look at her cookin' !!!

Serving Yunice...the gentleman :)

Sarah waits with unbridled anticipation...

Emma's next :)

Don't forget Taz & Jarvis !!

Koda (a rather rambunctious fella!!)

The rewards are endless...

Let the kissing begin!

(ahhh Maureen you ARE a good sport!!)

This would be Bria saying "Thanks"

and Maui...Such a grateful soul...

Sarah is right in on the appreciation thing...

Ahhh..Akiak is SO gentle with her praises...

Bria saying "Thanks" Again !!:)
A Job Well Done... & the Final Seal of Approval
by the Lead Dogs

Maui gives a big High Five !!

Starah says "Put one there Mo" !!

Sarah telling her new best friend "You go girl" !!

Maui & Aunt Maureen wrapping up Breakfast Chores
And when all is said and done...

The POOP-SCOOPERS sleep on....

...& the Hunter returns to a happy home :)


1 comment:

Lenny's mom said...

Hey Maureen! I think you're hired!!
Looks like you had a great time in the great white north!!