Thursday, September 25, 2008

Today's Girly Adventure...

Today the girls & I drove to the Fire hall to volunteer some time towards
a search effort that is underway for a missing local man.
There were enough people on hand to man the radios &
any other tasks at the command centre so, off we went on a girls afternoon...
With the sky so blue & the mountains freshly dusted with snow,
we headed off to Kathleen Lake! Oh, and Aunt Maureen,
You'll be pleased to know that your nieces were dressed
in their Toronto Maple Leafs sleepers!!! Photos to follow ;-)
It was chilly at the lake but we bundled up in blankets & faced the glorious sun...The wind wasn't too strong but was just enough to keep the black flies at bay (I was grateful for that!!)


I had intended to relax with a good book but a German couple visiting the Yukon became enthralled with the girls & the book got left on the picnic table. The couple wasn't our only visitor...

a pair of Grey Jays danced & fluttered about...probably in hopes of a scrap or two...
An hour or so later we were back on the road to the Junction. We stopped in on their "My Martin"' but he wasn't home so we continued on back to the village.
It was far too nice to simply go home to the cabin so we decided to pay a visit to our new neighbours! The whole family was so thrilled with our spontaneous drop in that they all come to welcome us :) I really MUST make an effort to get their names.....In fact, the Mrs. is expecting any day now!!!!! How exciting!! A new baby for the twins to visit!!

(Spruce on the left & AlPine on the right)

Upon our return home, we were greeted by our own family!! They are in rather high spirits with the -8 nights & the sunny days...I'm SURE they can smell the snow in the mountains and are dreaming of carrying the twins to victory over finish-lines!!


Back home & resting in a sunspot of our own...
....and what a cozy home it is....

Hey gang Sarah here...Daddy predicts my top left tooth will be here tomorrow!!

& I'm Adelaide....just seconds after I STOOD for my first time EVER!!!

Tomorrow we're off on another adventure...we pick-up Mummy's new washer & dryer!!

Well...that's all for now!!

Time to think about changing diapers & heating up some mushed chicken...

(or was that pureed moose tonight?)



Lenny's mom said...

Ooops!! Guess the closeups were in this post . . oh well, they are still precious!!

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Holy crud, those girls just keep getting cuter and cuter!!

Enjoy your new washer and dryer! I get to pick up mine in another 3 weeks!!!