Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday to me :)

It's my Birthday Party!!!
& look who is celebrating!!

Leading up to my Birthday, we celebrated with Aunt Maureen at Boston Pizza...where the girls enjoyed a Birthday Cookie :) Yummmmmy !!
Somehow they STILL look too small to be in those high chairs!

The next morning, after Maureen was flying home, the FitzGeralds were off to breakfast at the Westmark!! Now THESE chairs work!!

Adelaide took the liberty of ordering for the table!
"the light breakfast for Mummy, bacon & eggs for Daddy & hot water with a side of blueberry jam for my sister & me please! "
Adelaide had come prepared with cereal & formula for the two of them...the jam was a bonus treat!

Today was my Birthday...September 23

I turned 43

I'm not sure how I got here or where all of the years disappeared to but, somehow I've gone from being a kid to being a Wife & Mum & all in 11 months!
Heck I've gone from being Kinda cute & young to...well...old!
What happened??
I do love the Wife & Mum part
I do love the staying at home most of the year part
I love my summer employment
& ....well....
I love my life

I just can't believe that I have 10 1/2 month old twins & I'm 43 !!!

Today Sean brought the girls to bed for a snuggle & then made my coffee...he fed the dogs & cleaned up the girls then helped to dress them for the big day. We fed them breakfast (porridge & blueberries) and then off we went. We drove down the Haines Highway stopping to visit with a friendly Park's Warden (I had a few photos for him) & we then headed for Klukshu. It's an old old Indian Village that dates back to the beginning of time!

High Cash & Smoke House along the Klukshu River bank

A very cool looking old cabin in the Village

Not too many people were around & the shop was closed but the fall colours were in full bloom & the few Sockeye Salmon that are still running were in the creek. What a beautiful place!!

On route home, we stopped at Madley's General Store where, Sean bought me a dozen roses, a cheese cake & 3 birthday candles...what a guy ;)
The girls almost made it home in happy spirits but Sarah had come down with a nasty cold this morning & our outing was about 10 minutes too long for her! All in all - we had a really nice family day and that is a gift better than anything else!!

Martin came by for dinner - we ate lamb, Martin ate chicken strips - and we all shared the cake...even the girls had a taste of my birthday cake & ice cream! God are they ever cute! So does cake hit the hips if it's your birthday cake??? I'll have to ask the Jennifer the Dietitian!!
Hay, by the way, is anyone interested in hearing about my DOGS??? Ya know...the "Dancing Paws" ?? This IS suppose to be about my dogs too, right?? Hummm - OK so I'm mostly cabin bound these day & can't seem to find the time to play with my dogs & feed babies & change babies & play floor time with babies & change babies (ya ya ya I know I said "change babies" already but do you really think that it only happens once a day??)... & make baby food ... what's wrong with me?? Thank God for Sean!

Regardless, I could STILL introduce you to my cuddly (or more accurately ...SPAZZY ) dogs!

This looker is Emma! God she's cute...nuts...but cute!!

& this beauty is AlPine :)

She's singing Happy Birthday to me :) Ya gotta love a dog as talented as this girl :)


So ... did you make it? To the end of this Posting I mean

WOW...good for you! I'm impressed!
A tad scattered, yes?
I know...that's just how one is after having twins!
(& I'm going to milk that excuse as long as I'm able ;)


Elis said...

Congratulations, Heather! It's crazy how much your life has changed in a year, isn't it? ;) I feel the same way!

So sorry we totally flaked out on seeing you in the Yukon...Elis would have loved to hang out with her Kluane friends (babies AND dogs!) We just weren't organized enough to do everything...

We use your car seat all the time, by the way. And those cute litle wristbands you gave her are good for quite a bit of entertainment! Anyway, enjoy the beautiful Yukon fall (while it lasts) and don't forgot to check out the latest on Elis on her blog....

That's enough rambling for me - I only ramble like this because I don't have your e-mail address, believe it or not. Say hello to Sean and everyone in HJ for us!


dogsled_stacie said...


Sounds like a good one. So... how much did a dozen roses, cheesecake and candles cost at Madley's - $50 or so?!?! LOL

Lenny's mom said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Heather!!! Sounds (and looks) like you had a good one!!

The 2 closeups of the babies are awesome . . . priceless!!

I love reading your blog to keep up with you guys . . .keep up the great job!! Awesome pics too!!

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

43?? Are you sure?? Seriously, I would have pegged you for 10 years younger when I met you. Must be those cute girls of your keeping you young!

Heather (aka Mum) said...

Hi Sarah! So Sorry we missed you too! NEXT visit we have to get together!!

Hay Stacie...the roses were dead the next day too! That's Madley's living up to it's well earned reputation..."Top dollar for rock bottom quality" !!! It was the thought though...really sweet of Sean ;-) eh??

Jude!!!!!!!!!!!! When are you comeing up here?????????

Kara :) What a sweetie!! Although-didn't much like my 30's so I'm thrilled to be 43!! & you're right...if they don't kill me first, they'll keep me young ;) Wow it is cool being somebody's (X2) Mum!!